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قائد اعظم اور ہم

Posted by افتخار اجمل بھوپال پر ستمبر 11, 2006

آج کے دن 58 سال قبل ہماری قوم کے مُحسن اور معمار اِس دارِ فانی کو خيرباد کہہ کر مُلکِ عدم کو روانہ ہوئے ۔ اِس دن کو منانے کا صحيح طريقہ يہ ہے کہ ہم قرآن کی تلاوت کر کے مرحوم کيلئے دُعائے مغفرت کريں اور اُن کے اقوال پر عمل کريں ۔ پچھلے چند سال سے دين اسلام کو دقيانوسی سمجھنے والے ہر طرح سے ثابت کرنے پر تُلے ہوئے ہيں کہ قائد اعظم نے پاکستان کو اسلامی نہيں بلکہ بے دين رياست بنايا تھا ۔ موجودہ حکومت بھی اپنے پالنہاروں کی خوشنودی کی خاطر پاکستان ميں تعليم کو بھی بے دين بنانا چاہتے ہيں اور اصل ضروريات کو پسِ پُشت ڈالا ہوا ہے ۔ نيچے قائد اعظم کے ايک پيغام کے کچھ اقتباسات درج کر رہا ہوں جو اُنہوں نے 27 نومبر 1947 کو کراچی ميں منعقد ہونے والی کُل پاکستان تعليمی کانفرنس کو ديا تھا ۔

Under foreign rule for over a century, in the very nature of things, I regret, sufficient attention has not been paid to the education of our people, and if we are to make any real, speedy and substantial progress, we must earnestly tackle this question and bring our educational policy and program on the lines suited to the genius of our people, consonant with our history and culture, and having regard to the modern conditions and vast developments that have taken place all over the world.

Education does not merely mean academic education, and even that appears to be of a very poor type. What we have to do is to mobilize our people and build up the character of our future generations. There is immediate and urgent need for training our people in the scientific and technical education in order to build up future economic life, and we should see that our people undertake scientific commerce, trade and particularly, well-planned industries. Also I must emphasize that greater attention should be paid to technical and vocational education.

In short, we have to build up the character of our future generations which means highest sense of honor, integrity, selfless service to the nation, and sense of responsibility, and we have to see that they are fully qualified or equipped to play their part in the various branches of economic life in a manner which will do honor to Pakistan


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