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سونیا ناز کا خاوند عاصم زندہ ہے

Posted by افتخار اجمل بھوپال پر ستمبر 8, 2005

Asim claims SP Abdullah forced him to go into hiding after taking bribe for his release and warning he and his family would pay dearly if he appeared before 2 years

In a dramatic development, Asim Yousaf, husband of Sonia Naz, Wednesday emerged from hiding to reveal a shocking plethora of how, when, what, where and why related to the case.

On the run for eight months, Yousaf told The News in an exclusive interview that he had, in fact, been in hiding following a warning of dire consequences from the prime accused in the scandal, SP Abdullah, as a price for his freedom.

"I paid him Rs1.4million for my release (this is apart from the Rs2.2 million he ended up paying initially, to a notorious gang allegedly in cahoots with the Faisalabad Police and another Rs0.2 lakhs to Jamshed Chisti for the same reason). SP Abdullah had premised my freedom on the condition that I would excommunicate myself from my family members for two years,” he said.

تفصیلات پڑھنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کیجئے اور پڑھئے
Sonia’s missing husband is back By Rauf Klasra


2 Responses to “سونیا ناز کا خاوند عاصم زندہ ہے”

  1. Assalm-o-Alikum
    it is really a dramatic situation acording to today’s papers Mohtarma Sania was not come court. And now her husband appears is’t bit a suspecious?

  2. اجمل said

    Mr Attiq-ur-Rehman

    Sonia Naz has already recorded her statement to the court of inquiry comprising DIG Lahore. She may come again only when rebuttal / cross-questioning starts. It is good that her husband has come out because some facts are only known to him.

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